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Become Compliant with the EU Whistleblowing Directive within minutes

Gendas is a Whistleblowing Software – empowering employees to report confidentially or anonymously and helping organizations to actively reduce and mitigate misconduct.

Whistleblowing Software by Gendas is trusted by small organisations and large enterprises.

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How Your Company Benefits from Gendas Whistleblower Software

Encourages reporting of unethical behavior.

Promotes integrity and transparency wrongdoing

Protects the company from legal liability.

Protects employees from retaliation.

Promotes accountability.

Saves money on legal fees.

The #1 choice of whistleblower software in terms of security, speed and price

We are compliant with major security standards

Our software uses full end-to-end encryption

We comply with the EU whistleblowing directive

Our pricing is the most competitive in the market

Add a Whistleblower Reporting Page to Your Website Within 3 Minutes


Create Your Report Page

Build your customised report page with the Gendas form builder.


Add the Link to Your Website

Add your unique report page link to your website. 


Ready to Handle Cases

Start communicating with whistleblowers  completely anonymous and safe.

Why risk fraud schemes, legal costs and employees that might feel unsafe when it is so easy to implement a whistleblowing tool?